Phase transformations and physical зroperties of nanodimensional fe50pt50 (30 nm)/sio2(100 nm)/si(001) film system

In this paper, we study conditions of the magnetically ordered L10(FePt) phase with a face-centered tetragonal lattice in the nanodimensional Fe50Pt50 (30 nm)/SiO2(100 nm)/Si(001) film system at annealing in nitrogen. We also investigate its structure, morphology, electric and magnetic properties. On the experimental side, we show that the magnetically ordered L10(FePt) phase with rectangular grains is formed in Fe50Pt50 films after annealing at 720 K. Its formation during further annealings results in the increase of Fe50Pt50 film coercitivity up to 1000 Gs at the saturation magnetization of about 945 ems/cm2. The direction change of the applied magnetic field doesn’t cause any essential changes in the hysteresis loop form due to its isotropy.

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C. 98-102, укр., Іл. 7. Бібліогр.: 5 назв.

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