Automatic design of optimum control at round infeed grinding

The study under consideration deals with the optimum control task of the round infeed grinding process. We develop the mathematical sample of the process, which takes into account geometrical, power interacting of a grinding circle and stock material, chafing of a grinding circle, closure and dynamic properties of the rig elastic-system, as well as high passability. In addition, we prove that the optimization task refers to the class of variational problems and cannot be solved employing the analytic methods. We introduce a novel approach to the solution of the optimization task, implementing a special computational algorithm, which functions according to the principle of the looped system of automatic steering. Finally, we develop the application program that can be exploited as a tool of technological preparation production.

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С. 127–133, укр., Іл. 9. Бібліогр.: 3 назви.

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