Estimation of Time Delay in IP Networks and MPLS in Servicing Complex Messages in Сomplex Multitransit Communication Lines

We propose the analytical model of the guaranteed packets transfer in the IP/MPLS networks, aimed at finding the ways of accelerating the packet transmission via the transport network. We also estimate the effectiveness of IP and MPLS technologies by the network’s time delay in the process of packets transmit along the complex composite way. The size packet delay is calculated as a sum of delays on the complex way. A number of transit nodes, communication length expressed in a number of packets, and network congestion serve as variable parameters. Thus the model is simple and can be utilized for preliminary calculations. The results are similar to real networks. Moreover, it provides the precise criteria of reasonable limits for using IP and MPLS stacks.

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621.39; 004.724
С. 11–20. укр. Іл. 10. Бібліогр.: 4 назви.

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