The Influence of Annealing Conditions on Structure and Magnetic Properties of Nanodimensional Fe50Pt50 Film on Planar SiO2(100 nm)/Si(100) Substrates

It is studied the influence of annealing conditions in temperature range of 300– 900 °С on formation of magnetic-ordered L10(FePt) phase in nanodimensional Fe50Pt50(15 nm) /Ag(3 nm)/Fe50Pt50(15 nm) film composition (NFC) on planar SiO2(100 nm)/Si(100) substrate. It is investigated its structure, morphology and magnetic properties. It is shown that the formation of L10(FePt) phase occurs at annealing 700 °С for 30 s and heating rate of 5 °С/s. Amount of L10(FePt) phase increases with increase of annealing temperature. It is accompanied with formation more grains with necessary (001) texture in comparison with grains with (111) texture. It is established that NFC under investigation is magnetic-anisotropy. Ratio of magnetic remanence Mr to the saturation magnetization Ms about 1 is obtained after annealing at 700 °С in magnetic field applied parallel to the film plane with dominant corresponding orientation of easy magnetization axis. At higher annealing temperatures it is occurred reorientation of easy magnetization axis perpendicularly to the sample plane.

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