Using Forecasting Methodology for Evaluating Development Scenarios of the AR Crimea Argo-Industrial Sector


In this paper we study and formalize the processes of the strategic planning. We define the algorithm to structure and evaluate the development scenarios of the object under research as a part of the strategic planning. In addition, we propose the methodology for choosing actors' policies to achieve the desired future state of the researched system. This methodology takes into account the factors of benefits, costs, opportunities, and risks. The methodology is based on the method of the hierarchy analysis, and utilizes the iterative application of the direct and reverse processes defined in this method. Moreover, we propose the solution to the problem of calculating actors' weights indirectly by the influence of the actors on the considered factors, namely the increase of benefits and oppotunities, and decrease of costs and risks. Finally, we reveal that an integration with other approaches to the management of the economic systems is required for applying our prediction evaluation methodology.

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