Zirconium Nitring in a Closed Reaction Space

Currently there are methods for zirconium nitriding at high temperatures (1300-2000 C) and long-term exposure (up to 24 hours). This paper aims at developing a novel method of zirconium nitriding at lower temperature and exposure time, while maintaining such satisfactory mechanical properties as coating and matrix. Nitriding was conducted at 900 C for about 2 hours in an atmosphere of technically pure nitrogen. Samples were placed in the reaction chamber, which could provide the necessary degree of tightness and vacuum. An amount of titanium hydride TiN2 changed from 0,01 to 0,035 kg/m2 in the reaction chamber. Coating was formed on the samples surface. It consists of zirconium oxide ZrO2 on the surface and zirconium nitride under it and a solid solution of nitrogen in а-Zr. Depending on the amount of titanium hydride in the reaction chamber, these layers had different thickness, nitrogen content and microhardness. The obtained results allow developing methods to surface hardening by applying nitrogen and oxygen zirconium alloys used in nuclear power, chemical and medical industries.

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