Modeling of Discrete Non-Diffracting Beams

In this paper, we propose the technique for computing the scheme of holographic recording on the photopolymer of photonic structures, which create various discrete non-diffracting beams. We study how a number of laser beams, scheme geometry and relative phase shifts between laser beams impact the resultant transverse intensity and phase distribution in the interference structure. Moreover, we numerically model such structures as striped, triangular, square and hexagonal structures, specifically kagome and honeycomb pattern. By applying specific analysis of the beam phase shifts, we simulate vortex structures. These structures are characterized by point and line phase dislocations. We demonstrate experimental results of structures recording and show that adding the central laser beam to the recording scheme makes it possible to obtain a number of 3D structures.

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С. 121—125. Іл. 5. Бібліогр.: 4 назви.

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