Temperature Defocusing of the Image in Optical Systems

We obtain the working formulae. Applying the analytical method, they allow analyzing the temperature effect of optical and mechanical elements of optical system on value of the image temperature defocusing, formed by optical system. Abbe invariant is used to determine the segment, which indicates the position of the image plane relative to the last optical surface of the optical system and is dependent on the temperature magnitude. The formulae permit calculating the value of temperature movement of the image plane according to data of structural parameters of optical system, data of constructions of mechanical details, as well as the data of temperature coefficients of optical system and materials of mechanical details. The account of the local temperature distribution of optical and mechanical components of the optical block device is possible. Furthermore, the method also allows us solving the synthesis problem of optical bock, in which the position of the image plane must be constant with temperature fluctuations in a given interval.

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С. 126—131. Іл. 3. Бібліогр. 7.

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