The Principles of Adaptive Interconnection for Open Systems

This paper develops the principles of adaptive interaction of open systems that minimize the administrative traffic and provide the integration of diverse traffic in convergent telecommunication networks. To this end, we employ the method of comparative analysis of benefits and open problems applied to the known concepts of NGN networks. We delineate three future generations of NGN networks with specific development stages and implementation of key technology solutions and ideas. We also determine that the potential packet-based technological platform of NGN networks corresponds to the second future generation networks. The expected advantage of this network generation is high quality of service standards. However, some issues remain unsettled, notably the excessive redundancy of administrative traffic running over the network equipments and channels. We introduce novel approaches for adaptive interaction of open systems that considerably reduces the network loading with administrative traffic and provides the flexible mechanism for the integration of various types of services. Based on the proposed multipurpose network meta-protocol, we conclude that methods of fast packet switching of channels in the future third generation networks should be combined.

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