Investigation of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Turbulent Flows in the Burning Presence

By employing modern numerical methods, we conduct a comprehensive theoretical study of convective heat and mass transfer in three-dimensional flows of high-temperature reactive environments in the areas of real geometry. We study the processes of heat and mass transfer during combustion of pulverized coal combustion chamber by the example of BKZ-75 Shakhtinsk TPS using 3D modeling technology based on the solution of differential equations of turbulent reacting flows. Crucially, we obtain novel research results on development of modern methods of theoretical, mathematical and computer modeling to study the processes of turbulent heat and mass transfer in high temperature environments in the presence of physical and chemical transformations. Also, we obtain the components distribution of the full speed vector in various sections of the combustion chamber, represent the dependence of the full-speed vector for height of the combustion chamber, as well as obtain the temperature profiles and the height distribution of the combustion chamber. Finally, we establish minimum and maximum values of these variables and show the time history of the characteristics in the investigated volume of combustion chamber.

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С. 16—23 Іл. 9. Табл. 1. Бібліогр.: 8 назв.

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