Analysis of Investment and Socio-Economic Indicators Using the Methods of Modeling for the Limited Historical Data Sets

In this paper, we analyze the development of economic region of Ukraine using statistical data. Specific features of mathematical models construction techniques for analysis and short- and medium term forecasting of regional macroeconomic processes are considered. We study the approaches to constructing mathematical models with short time series and using intellectual data analysis techniques such as principal component method, Bayesian networks, and regression with lagged variables, extended autoregression and trend polynomials. Examples of constructing forecasting models for a regional net product and investments in Cherkasy region are given. Using the models constructed three scenarios are defined for the regional net product development: optimistic, nominal and pessimistic. Finally, we show that even with the nominal scenario for the period till 2015 the region will get enough investments into basic capital that will provide a simple renovation of production. In 2020 the level of extended renovation can be achieved. We also describe the methods used.

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519.226, 330.322
С. 87—93. Іл. 4. Табл. 7. Бібліогр.: 8 назв.

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