Fast Timer Encryption Method


A statistical-oriented method of data compression which using non traditional timer encryption is elaborated. The method uses special weight function. The necessary estimates of compression are developed. Proposed method of multiple system of labels for data compression and decompression method of collection of texts in one area of knowledge. It also was proposed to use a system of multiple labels for a set of texts, which are combined in solid archive. It was proved, that joint unzipping is more effective on the number of operations as a result – on time. Basis for a fundamentally new method of the timer marks on archiving is first proposed the principle of using a set of timer labels which form the shift over another alphabet, labels are in bijection correspondence with blocks of words from text that have a relatively large size m. First time here implemented the principle of self-learning system, which is used in the next step after finding the first prefix label and receipt of accurate data. The probabilistic-statistical analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the method are done. This method is used in conjunction with fast timers counters, that have patents on inventions in Ukraine and Russia. The method allowed a virtual software implementation.

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С. 94—101. Бібліогр.: 10 назв.

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