Ferromagnetic Resonance in Nanoscaled Fe-Pt Films

The paper under scrutiny studies the influence of phase composition and structure of nanoscaled 10 and 30 nm FePt films on their magnetic properties, specifically on the shape change of ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) lines. The films are deposited on substrate of thermally oxidated (100 nm thick SiO2) monocrystalline Si with orientation of (001). Samples annealings are carried out in the vacuum of ∼1,3⋅10 −3∼1 Pа in the temperature range of 100–900 °С for 30 s at each temperature. FMR lines are obtained in magnetic field applied in the film plane after annealing at different temperatures. We establish that the metastable chemically disordered magnetically soft А1(FePt)FCC phase is formed in as-deposited films. FMR line is asymmetric that indicates inhomogeneous magnetic structure of А1(FePt)FCC phase. Films annealings in the chosen temperature range result in transition of А1(FePt)FCC phase to chemically ordered magnetically hard L10(FePt)FCT phase. The processes of diffusion phase formation are accompanied with change of the shape of ferromagnetic resonance lines, their intensities and asymmetric. The dependence of diffusion phase formation processes and change of FMR lines forms from film thickness is not established.

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С. 123—127. Іл. 4. Бібліогр.: 7 назв.

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