Alternative Components of Nutrient Mediums for Actinomycetes – Producer of Biologically Active Substances

Taking into account the wide-spread of such group as actinomycetes among industrial producers, we use one of its representatives (Streptomyces recifensis var. lytіcus – a producer of a lytic enzyme complex) as a model for studying alternative components which can be utilized for optimization of nutrient mediums for actinomycetes. We study the influence of alternative components of nutrient mediums on biosynthetic processes of culture Str. recifensis var. lytіcus and define the possibility of their use for optimization of nutrient mediums for actinomycetes. The research results establish that whey can't be used as a component of nutrient mediums for the given culture. Using pea and rape flour in some cases reduces the efficiency of culture by 20–40 %. Blackstrap use increases the culture efficiency and specific activity of a product by 1,5–2 times and allows reducing the medium price by 1,3 times. Finally, we demonstrate the influence of nutrition sources on biosynthesis orientation, as well as the efficiency and economic feasibility of blackstrap use in the medium composition.medium composition.

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