Conditions of Existense and Uniqueness of Solutions of Parabola-Hyperbolic Equation with Nonolocal Boundary Conditions

Processes described with parabola-hyperbolic differential equations are crucial in the theory of mathematical physics. The article deals with the heterogeneous parabola-hyperbolic equation with nonlocal boundary conditions. To further investigate this class of problems, we need to find its classical solution. We show the system of eigenfunctions and associated functions of the boundary value problem. Using these biorthogonal systems forming the basis Riesz, we build the desired classical solution that presents an infinite number whose elements are defined as solutions of the corresponding Cauchy problem. We prove the lemma for evaluating the elements of the problem solution. Using calculations for homogeneous parabola hyperbolic equations and statements required auxiliary lemmas on assessing the elements solution; we derive the conditions for existence and uniqueness of the problem solution, which is formulated as a theorem. The results can be used to study optimal control problems for parabola-hyperbolic equations.

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С. 72—76. Бібліогр.: 5 назв.

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