Retransmission Method of Impulse Ultrawideband Signals in Ad-Hoc Networks

This paper describes a new method of data relay in wireless Ad-Hoc networks with impulse ultrawideband radio signals (IR-UWB). Proposed method uses concept of “chipset retransmission” rather than typical store-and-forward scheme. This implies a relay by the intermediate nodes of each particular bit of data, encoded as chipsets, and the use of special markers integrated into that bit transferred in the connection. This provides lower delays and, thus, gives unprecedented advantage in fast retransmission for the multihop environment. Some problems still exist for further examination, such as inability to distinguish bits in a stream, error correction on bit level, ensuring uniqueness for each marker and bit code. Therefore before employing this method nodes should exchange some preliminary parameters in order to exploit all the advantages of this method. These parameters are shown in this paper as well as an example of their integration into well known reactive protocols, such as AODV, are studied.

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