Research of Characteristics of L-Shaped and Waveguide with Two Corner Cuts by Variational Method

Waveguides with one and two cuts (L-shaped waveguide and waveguide with two corner cuts) are used in microwave devices. Therefore, there is a need for new effective and rapid methods for calculating the characteristics of such waveguides. The variational method is used to calculate the eigenvalues of waves of L-shaped waveguide and waveguide with two corner cuts with arbitrary geometrical parameters. Polynomials orthogonal over the area of considered waveguides are unknown. We consider several types of the field approximation: on the basis of trigonometric and power functions. Field approximation by trigonometric functions gives more accurate results in calculating eigenvalues and requires less mathematical operations. Increase of the system order leads to an increase of the condition number and instability of the solution. Variational method gives eigenvalues of the waves with great accuracy for large cuts and a small number of transactions. Results can be used in design and synthesis of microwave devices based on the L-shaped waveguide and waveguide with two corner cuts.

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С. 27—33. Іл. 7. Бібліогр.: 10 назв.

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