Modification and Application of Stochastic Volatility Model

A modified structure of autoregressive stochastic volatility model is proposed and empirically studied that includes delayed historical volatility values. The structure of the model developed is refined with the use of the partial autocorrelation function computed for sample values of the conditional variance process. The volatility logarithms correspond to the stationary autoregression process that provides a possibility for forecasting of the conditional variance dynamics with known model parameters. To compute the model parameters using actual data the Markov chain Monte Carlo procedure was selected and appropriately modified to generate pseudorandom sequences for parameter estimates with necessary distribution. It was established that the model proposed provides better quality of volatility forecasts than known stochastic volatility model. The necessary computing experiments have been carried out with the developed software that is also accessible to other users via Internet. The modeling system developed can be easily expanded with new functions, methods for model parameters estimation and forecasting, and modified appropriately to meet requirements of a specific user.

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С. 55—60. Іл. 1. Табл. 3. Бібліогр.: 7 назв.

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