Ахроматизация и атермализация объективов инфракрасной техники

This paper considers the method of temperature influence indemnification to image quality of optical systems working in the infrared range of spectrum for the case of homogeneous temperature distribution through the system. The simultaneous achromatization of focusing knot is possible when passive athermalization is used. Rational problem decision of athermal and achromatic optical system designing is possible when the triplet including specific compositions of optical materials combined with specific mechanical housing materials is utilized. The algorithm proposed allows obtaining athermal and achromatic three-component optical system by selecting necessary combination of materials. In addition, we give some recommendations on how to select the triplet materials based on the dependence diagram of optical and thermophysical materials properties. The method includes the influence of housing material expansion of focusing knot when the ambient temperature changes. We also consider examples of possible combinations of optical and mechanical materials for the infra-red waveband of spectrum of 3–5 and 8–12 m.

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С. 114—117. Іл. 2. Табл. 1. Бібліогр.: 3 назви.

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