Influence of Annealing Temperature on Structure and Magnetic Properties of Nanodimensional Fe50Pt50(15 нм)/ Ag(30 нм)/Fe50Pt50(15 нм)/SiO2(100 нм)/Si(001) Film Composition

We study the influence of annealing temperature in range of 300–900 °С and intermediate Ag layer on processes of diffusional phase formation and transition of chemically disordered magnetic-soft А1(FePt)FCC phase to chemically ordered magnetic-hard L10(FePt)FCT phase in nanodimensional Fe50Pt50(15 nm)/Ag(30 nm)/Fe50Pt50(15 nm) film composition (NFC) on SiO2(100 nm)/Si(001) substrate. We investigate its structure, morphology and magnetic properties. We show that after deposition in NFC under study the phase А1(FePt)FCC is observed. The formation of L10(FePt)FCT phase occurs at annealing 600 °С for 30 s that is lower by 100 °С than in NFC without intermediate Ag layer. We also assume that surface energy depending on stressed state of layer interfaces in nanodimensional layered composition influences on diffusional phase formation. Increase of annealing temperature to 900 °С is accompanied with sharp increase of amount of L10(FePt)FCT grains with (001) texture and surface roughness. Structural and phase transformations in NFC under study during heat treatment are accompanied with change of its magnetic properties. After annealing at 900 °С the ordered parameter S achieves the largest value of 1,55 which corresponds to maximum value of coercivity of Нс ∼19 кОе.

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С. 86—91. Іл. 6. Бібліогр.: 11 назв.

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