Flow and Water Freezing on Vertical Surfaces by Drops Irrigation Obtained by Blow Spraying

The paper under scrutiny studies the hydrodynamic parameters in the flow and wetting of solid metal plates and vertical grids of different materials under isothermal water flow and at its freezing on these surfaces. We conduct the experiments on water ice generation of the vertical galvanized metal and polymer plates with wetting density less than at the known minimum density of water wetting on dry and wet vertical surfaces. Ice formation and water cooling are conducted by water contact with frosty air. Water dispersion is provided by a blow on the horizontal surface of narrow vertical jets of successive water drops flowing from several pipes 1 mm in diameter. The pattern of wetting, water flow and ice formation observed on the vertical plates of different materials and structures have the same character as continuous films in the impact area of droplets to form streams (rivulets). If a grid square is assigned to both sides or to the side area of a continuous plate, the heat transfer coefficient is about 30 W/(m2K).

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