Influence of Temperature-Temporal Parameters of Fusion Treatment and Cooling Speed on Structure and Mechanical Properties of Alloys of АМг6л and АМг11


The paper establishes the influence of temperature-temporal parameters of fusion treatment in the liquid state and cooling speed during crystallization on the structure and mechanical properties of АМг6л and АМг11 casting alloys. Melting is conducted in the resistance stove in graphite crucible. We use the following materials: aluminum of А99 type and such ligatures as Al–Mg, Al–Zr, Al–Be, Al–Ti, Al–Si. Metallic fusions of the explored alloys are kept at various temperatures and self-control time and poured out in different kinds of molds. The speed of fusion cooling is regulated by selecting the material and thickness of mold walls. We determine mechanical properties of the explored alloys using the obtained standard cast molds 10 mm in diameter (rupture strength, yield point, relative lengthening). Furthermore, we define that optimization of temperature and self-control time in the liquid state allows increasing the durability level of fracture of АМг6л and АМг11 alloys by 16 and 21 %. Therefore, values of alloys relative lengthening grow in 1,5–3,0 time. We show that the increase of cooling speed during crystallization from 0,5 to 4,5 °С/с allows decreasing the grain size of aluminum hard alloys for АМг6л alloy by 2 times and for АМг11 alloy by 1,8 times.

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