Influence of Annealing Conditions on Structure and Magnetic Properties of Nanodimensional Fe50Pt50(15 nm)/ Ag(30 nm)/Fe50Pt50(15 nm)/SiO2(100 nm)/Si(001) Film Composition

We study the influence of 30-nm-thick Ag intermediate layer and annealing duration in a vacuum at the temperature of 600 °С on formation of chemically ordered L10(FePt) phase in nanodimensional film composition (NFC) of Fe50Pt50(15 nm)/Ag(30 nm) /Fe50Pt50(15 nm) on planar SiO2(100 nm)/Si(001) substrate.

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С. 81—85. Іл. 4. Бібліогр.: 8 назв.

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