Creep of Nonlinearly-Viscoelastic Materials under Different Nonstationary Uniaxial Loading Regimes

This paper considers the problem of calculating creep strains of nonlinearly-viscoelastic material under different modes of nonstationary uniaxial loading. These modes involve stepped loading and unloading. Specifically, we solve the problem based on the hypothesis of the unified deformation diagram created from similarity of isochronous creep diagrams and a stress-strain diagram. A generalized reological model is constructed. Relying on this generalized model, we construct the unidimentional creep constitutive equations of nonlinear viscoelastic materilas. In addition, we choose the hereditary kernel as Rabotnov’s exponentional-fractional function. We determine model parameters through the base experiment under stationary uniaxial creep. The nonstationary loading modes are assigned by the Hevyside’s function. Through experiments conducted, we test calculation results on the problems of nonstationary creep strains forecast of polyvinylchloride elastron. Moreover, calculation results are consistent with the experimental data.

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С. 103—109. Іл. 4. Табл. 2. Бібліогр.: 6 назв.

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