Development of Quality Criterion of Spot Welding by Results of Acoustic Emission Monitoring

This article discusses the design of algorithm for processing of acoustic emission signals. It will allow elaborating the criteria for assessing the quality of resistance spot connection. The problem can be solved by using the convolution method, which can detect the exemplary temporal process in the analyzed signal. We synthesize two processing algorithms of acoustic emission signals by using linear and nonlinear transformations. Firstly, as a sample we propose to use the frequency characteristic of acoustic emission signals generated during the crystallization of molten core and characterize the qualitative point connection. Through experiments conducted, we create the training sample of acoustic emission signals. The application of the proposed algorithm allows evaluating the connection quality at emergence of high-level signal at the output of convolution unit in the analyzed time domain. The appearance of such peak indicates a significant degree of the temporal process of statistical association corresponding to the exemplary pattern of quality connection and acoustic emission signal at the experimentally proven current resistance spot welding.

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С. 115—120. Іл. 6. Бібліогр.: 9 назв.

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