Performance Evaluation for Multichannel Optoelectronic Surveillance Systems (MOESS) with Image Fusion

The article proposes the methodology for performance evaluation of MOESS with image fusion. This methodology combines probability of detection, recognition and identification with image fusion quality metric – targeting task performance. This metric takes into account the image formation process in single channel of MOESS, image fusion and human visual perception. Simulation results are well correlated with subjective tests. The proposed methodology allows matching the best image fusion method for current operating conditions. Shift invariant wavelet transform, discrete wavelet transform and Laplacian pyramid yield the best results among the analyzed methods. Simulation results show that nominal static range of MOESS can be raised to 10 % using the image fusion in good atmospheric conditions.

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С. 127—131. Іл. 4. Табл. 3. Бібліогр.: 12 назв.

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