Modified Algorithm of Shanks with Ordered Blocks


Majority of cryptanalytic methods can be modified due to parallel algorithms. One of them is the method of Shanks solving discrete logarithms problem. The main goal of this article is to construct algorithm, which allows parallel calculating all values from low and high pitch tables, to make this search more directed and to put in order all values of table elements. It will allow applying method of blocks searching, separation on the ordered sub-blocks, accelerate applying method of value indexing (or value hash). Parallel optimization and block parallel radix sorting, which became possible due to fast broadcast in duplex mode and mathematical models of algorithm, are the method of solving this problem. Method of parallel vector calculation, using values from BS table as coordinates, was proposed in this work. Optimal lengths of fine pitch and, as a consequence, high pitch were found for the method, which doesn’t use complete order on the range of elements value of such low pitch. Method of improving Shanks algorithm was proposed.

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С. 46–52., укр., Бібліогр.: 12 назв.

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