The phase formation in Ti(200 нм)/Cu(200 нм)/Ti(100 нм)/SiO[sub]2[/sub](370 нм) film composition on the monocrystalline silicon (001)

Using the methods of X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy and resistometry measurements, we investigated the solid-state reactions in the Ti(200 nm)/Cu(200 nm)/Ti(100 nm)/SiO2(370nm) multilayered film composition on the monocrystaline silicon of (001) orientation. We obtained the film composition by the consecutive electron-beam deposition of the element layers in vacuum of about 10-4 Pa without breaking vacuum on the silicon substrate with the oxide layer, which was grown by wet oxidation on the surface. The film composition specimens were exposed to series of annealings in the 770–1170K temperature range for one hour. We determined that the first Cu15Si4 silicide phase was formed after the annealing at 970K for one hour. We illustrated that the annealing at 1070K was accompanied by formation of ternary CuTiSi compound and TiSi2.

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С. 103-107, укр., Іл. 3. Бібліогр.: 8 назв.

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