The Solid-State Reactions in Ti(200 nm)/Cu(200 nm)/Ti(100 nm)/SiO2(370 nm) Film Composition on the Monocrystalline Silicon (001)

By employing the methods of X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy of cross-sections, scanning electron microscopy and resistometry measurements, we examine the solid-state reactions in the Ti(200 nm)/Cu(200nm)/Ti(10nm)/SiO2(370nm) film composition on the mono¬crystaline silicon of (001) orientation. The film composition under study is obtained by consecutive electron-beam deposition of elements layers in a vacuum of about 104 Pa without breaking a vacuum on the substrate of silicon with an oxide layer on the surface. The vacuum annealing of specimens is carried out in the 670–1170 K temperature range for 1 hour. We establish that the first Cu15Si4 silicide copper phase is formed after annealing at 970 K for 1 hour. Annealing at 1070 K is accompanied by formation of ternary CuTiSi compound and TiSi2.

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С. 98-103, укр., Іл. 4. Бібліогр.: 10 назв

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