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Methods of Creating a Layered System from Ore-Flux-Fuel Compositions with a Higher Content of Solid Fuel

Four methods of obtaining pellets with fluxing ore compositions with higher content of solid fuel, based on the combination of feedstock sintering process and sintering at a temperature of 1593–1598 K, namely: 1) a method wherein the solid fuel was mixed with the initial charge materials directly before agglomeration; 2) a method wherein the solid fuel was rolled on the surface of granules of size 10–15 mm, and after that pellets were burned out; 3) the method in which varying particles solid fuel (50 %) were also mixed with the raw materials before sintering, while the second part of them – w

Effect of Mechanical Vibrations on Microstructure of Single and Ceramic Composites during Growing from Melt

The effect of mechanical vibration with 50 Hz frequency on the formation of microstructure and chemical composition of single crystals of lanthanum hexaboride and reinforced ceramic composites of LaB6–ZrB2 during crystallization from the melt and subsequent heat treatment was investigated. It was found that the mechanical vibrations affect the crystallization and lead to the equalization of the concentration profile of the distribution of atoms in front of the crystal growth, alter the shape and size of the melt zone and increase structural heterogeneity.

The Structure of Circulating Flows of Viscous in Compressible Fluid near the Radial Inner Baffles

The results of numerical modeling of axisymmetric flows in tanks with rigid walls, the analysis of the structure and nature of the circulation of the time flow depending on geometrical parameters of partitions and like Reynolds numbers, Euler and Rossby. We found that the circulation flow near the walls can adjust the structure and energy characteristics of the main flow and significantly change the characteristics of the development trends in the area of influence partitions and near its inner edge.

Force Field at Fine Diamond Grinding of Friction Pieces From New Composite Alloys for Printing Machines

The research results concerning an influence of cutting forces rectangular components at fine diamond grinding of friction pieces from new composite materials on the base of grinding alloy tool steel wastes type of 86Х6НФТ, 4ХНМНФС and 5Х3В3МФС for heavy operating conditions of printing machines have been presented in this article.

Formalization of the Problem or Risk Management in Systems of Different Natures

The paper considers the problem of formal statement of the general problem of integrated risk management in complex systems as a whole of different nature. Relevance of such formulations caused with the fact that the existing approaches are directed to local non-systemic risk analysis that do not focus on different and often multidisciplinary nature of the risks, and are not able to overcome the problem of cascaded development of risks. The statement of the problem based on the Merton model is considered.

The Monitoring System of the State Budget of Ukraine

This article is devoted to the problem of building a system for monitoring the state budget of Ukraine, this system applies to instruments of state regulation of social and economic processes. As the design basis of the proposed model of the subject area consisting of an information model and precedent, which covers all the basic nature of the budget process and their relationship with the peculiarities of the budget system in Ukraine.

The Image Restoration Algorithms by Conventional Deconvolution Method in the Hadamard Transformation Field

The modification of conventional deconvolution method using discrete orthogonal Hadamard transformation is presented in this work. The computation of image degradation inverse matrix using symbolic method for this matrix forming of any order in the Hadamard transformation field is the main goal of the proposed algorithm realization. The algorithm takes into account block-diagonal structure of degradation matrix that allows considerably simplifying the matrix computation of any order.

Hardware Implementation Computations in Finite Fields Characteristics of Two

The article substantiates the need for hardware implementation of computational procedures in finite fields of the form GF(2m) with a high rate of speed. Analysis of different forms of the field elements GF(2m) representation was performed and showed that there is a need (in the process of computation) to move from one form of presentation elements to another, namely provide isomorphism field in hardware implementation. It was specified that for Galois fields with never-exceed 220 capacities it is expedient to use tabular method of elements field storage.

Calculating of the Heat Physic Characteristics of the Exhaust System of the Diesel Combined Internal Combustion Engine

The purpose of research is to determine the coefficients of dynamic and kinematics viscosity, thermal conductivity of the exhaust gas of diesel CICE for typical states of exhaust systems. The research application methods are based on theories of gas mixtures using the Sutherland reduction formulas, combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels at the rate of stoichiometric proportions.

Comprehensive Analysis of the Effective Rate in Adaptive Packet Radio Networks

The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of joint work of physical and link layer packet radio networks with adaptive control of length of data packets in a competitive access to the radio channel. To do this, an analytical model in the form of two equations, the first of which determines the probability of successful transmission at the physical and data link layer, as a function of the intensity of the errors in the channel and protocol redundancy package format.