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Influence of Layered Nanofillers on Percolation Properties of Systems Based on Polypropylene Glycol and Carbon Nanotubes

By using impedance spectroscopy and optical microscopy methods the investigation of electrical properties of systems based on polypropylene glycol was conducted. It was shown that adding exfoliated layered fillers to the system shifts percolation threshold to low concentration of nanotubes.

Reducing the concentration of Ca2+ Ions in Water Using Ultra- and Nanofiltration Ceramic Membranes

The main regularities of processes of water purification from Ca2+ ions using ultra- and nanofiltration ceramic membranes, in particular, the influence of the operating pressure, the duration of the experiments, the concentrations of Ca2+ ions in the original solution and its temperature to reduce the content of these ions in the filtrate were identified. The cleaning process of the model solution CaCl2 was carried out on an experimental installation of baromembranes using ultra-and nanofiltration tubular membranes of ceramic oxide (produced in Germany).

Regulation of Properties of Dispersions for Their Electrokinetic Treatment

For efficient processing of disperse systems based on the use of external electric fields the highest possible velocities of electrophoresis and electroosmosis for a particular system should be ensured. In case of dispersion, which includes a clay component, the main factor that allows adjusting of its electrokinetic properties is pH of equilibrium solution. In this regard, in present work the kinetics of changes in pH of the pore solution with the introduction of acidic and alkaline solutions (NaOH and HCl) is studied.

Methodology of Energy Consumption Assessment for the Grain Materials Dryer with Shelf Elements

The article is devoted to the methodology development for the technological regimes of the drying process determining in gravity shelf dryers. This methodology is based on a joint analysis of the fluidized bed formation conditions and optimal energy costs of the process. The drying agent consumption, which provides the fluidization beginning of granular material in the apparatus, is determined analytically. A decrease of dryer’s performance depending on porosity which is beyond the operating range is shown in this article.

Allelic Polymorphism Research of Barley Genes Bmy1 and LOX-1 that are Related to Brewing Characteristics of Grain

This work was aimed at allelic status identification of the barley genes Bmy1 and LOX-1 in the collection, consisted of 103 domestic and foreign cultivars, and also selection lines. Research of the collection was held using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a subsequent analysis of gene LOX-1 allelic polymorphism via restriction of amplification products. Results of the PCR and restriction were visualized using gel-electrophoresis method. It was defined that 63 barley cultivars would be promising for brewing because of their middle activity and thermostability of β-amylase in malt.

Development of Synthetic Detergents with Antiseptic Effect

Influence of the main components of synthetic detergents on lytic activity of enzyme preparations of Cytorecifen and Cytorecifen-M was investigated in this work. On the basis of previously obtained results and the analysis of compositions of detergents the sodium carbonate, zeolite 4A, carboxymethylcellulose as well as superficially active substances synthanol and sulphanol were used. Lytic activity of the enzyme preparation and the powder synthetic washing means had been established by turbydimetric method by the ability of the lyses of Staphyloccus aureus 209 test-culture.

Detection of Allelic Variants of Wax Gene among National and Foreign Barley Varieties

The objective of the present study was to apply of the molecular marker system for detection of the allelic variants of the Wаx gene. Starch pasting properties are very important factors in malting, food processing and feed quality of barley cultivars. Therefore, it is important to control of the amylose/amylopectin ratio in the barley starch. The Wаx locus of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is responsible for the amylose endosperm biosynthesis.

The Growth Rates and the Accumulation Dynamics of Riboflavin of Ray Fungus Eremothecium Ashbyi Guillier.

The aim of the scientific research was to study the cultural and biochemical characteristics of Eremothecium ashbyi, primarily due to the dynamics of accumulation of riboflavin. The growth rates and the accumulation dynamics of riboflavin in the culture liquid and mycelium of ray fungus Eremothecium аshbyi F340, which is perspective object for receipt of riboflavin by biotechnological method were investigated. Examining the culture E.

The Enzyme Lipase: Analysis of Industry Use, Producers, a Process for Preparing

The analysis and synthesis of information on the field of use, sources, mechanism of action and properties of the enzyme lipase was performed in a review. It is established that for sectors of the economy in which lipase successfully used or is planned to be used is constantly expanding. Performed patent search of lipase modern producers has found among these bacteria, actinomyces, yeast and microscopic fungi. The features of the formation process of culture media and cultivation of lipase producers profound way.

Immunomodulating Properties of Probiotics Based on Lactobacteria and Plant Components

Purpose of this work was determination of the immunomodulatory effects of base probiotic composition of lactic acid bacteria based on genus Lactobacillus and the complex probiotic with carbyuloza on an experimental model of intact mice. It was found, that injection of carbyuloza in the probiotic composition increased functional activity of phagocytic system – namely, absorbing activity of macrophages.