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The Influence of Carbon and Nitrogen Sources in Nutrient Media on Biomass Accumulation by Basidiomycetes Medicinal Mushrooms Genus Trametes (Fr.)

The article investigates the impact of natural sources of carbon and nitrogen nutrition and their quantitative ratio of biomass accumulation by medicinal basidiomycetes of the genus Trametes. The objects of the study were 18 strains of basidiomycetes species T. versicolor, T. suaveolens, T. gibbosa, T. hirsuta, T. zonatus, T. pubescens, T. serialis, T. trogii from Institute of Botany of N.G. Kholodny Institute of botany National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine collection of mushrooms.

Reserching Electrical Activity of Hippocampal Neurons in Culture

It is shown in this paper that the presynaptic cell directly causes postsynaptic current in the postsynaptic neuron determines its amplitude. Combination of the electrophysiological techniques, mathematical tools, and сytochemical research allow deeper analysis and understanding of the differences in the mechanisms of generation series of action potentials and excitatory inhibitory neurons in the hippocampus.

Component Selection of Nutrient Medium Based on Sugar Beet Pulp Extract for Cultivating Laetiporus Sulphureus

In this survey the possibility of using sugar beet pulp extract as the basis of growth medium for the cultivation basidiomycetes Laetiporus sulphureus (Bull.: Fr.) Murrill was evaluated. Positive results of evaluating the suitability of the medium based on this extract for cultivation on agar plates and in liquid media were obtained. Strain that is best adapted to the new source of nutrients was selected from three strains during a series of experiments. Component composition of nutrient medium to conduct further experiments with the selected strain was improved.

Using of magnetic therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Method for operational control and quantitative analysis of magnetic field treatment process dynamics was developed. The calculation of amplitude and phase index of form is offered for the signals of pulse wave, which allows quantitavely compare the degrees of difference of pulse waves, and has a sensitiveness to influence the magnetic field. Method for evaluating the effectiveness of the use of magnetic therapy based on registration and signal processing of pulse wave using the technology of neural networks and calculating the index form for each patient.

Agrobacteria as the Potential Producents of Magnetosensitive Nanostructures

The aim of the study was the identification of the homologues of the Mam proteins mediating the magnetite synthesis of Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense MSR-1 in the proteome of agrobacteria and their host plants. The identification of the protein homologues was performed by pairwise alignment using the online-service BLAST.

Mathematical Simulation of Methane Production in the Fermentation Process

In this paper a mathematical model for the study of the process for producing the methane fermentation when the content of acetic acid changes in the fermenter, which is formed during the methanogenesis, was proposed. At the core of the mathematical model calculation there is the ideal mixing reactor theory. As a raw material for the production of methane by microorganisms a mixture of poultry manure and waste corn was chosen. The fermentation was performed under anaerobic conditions with the temperature 37±2 °С.

Heat Shock Proteins: Role in Formation of Immune Response

Aim of this work was to analyze the results of scientific studies of biological properties of heat shock proteins of pro- and eukaryotic beings and to identify the mechanisms of their interaction with human immune system. Heat shock proteins have been founded in pro- and eukaryotes, they are conserved molecules produced by cells in response to stress, and are present in intrasellar space as well as in extracellular environment and under normal conditions. The most important biological function of these proteins is chaperon activity.

Cultivation of Higher Basidiomycetes Schizophyllum Commune on Agar Nutrient Mediums

The growth and morphological features of 8 strains of medicinal mushroom Schizophyllum commune Fr. from the Culture collection of Mushrooms of the N.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany National Аcademy of Sciences of Ukraine, including 3 strains dedicated by the authors in different regions of Ukraine, were studied. The researches were investigated on 14 agar media: wort agar, potato glucose agar, synthetic medium with L asparagine or L asparagine with thiamin, medium of Norkrans, Czapek medium, modified Murashige and Skoog medium without hormones, glucose pepton yeast medium.

Influence of the Middle Magnetic Field on the Disperse Iron-Oxygen Mineral Phase Formation by Applyng the Rotation-Corrosion Dispergation Method

The purpose of this work was to investigate the process of the disperse iron-oxygen mineral phase formation by applying the rotation-corrosion dispergation method when the middle magnetic field affected the system. The rotation-corrosion dispergation method is based on the principle of iron (steel) electrode corrosion when its surface contacts either with air or dispersion medium. The constant magnetic field was influencing the system during the process of the phase formation. The magnetic field intensity was 0,6—1,9 kOe and remanent magnetic induction was 0,7—1,3 T.

Germanium-Silicate UTL Structure Zeolites with Extra Large Pores

The review contains literature data and the authors own research on methods for the synthesis of element-containing germanium-silicate zeolites with extra large pores.