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The estimation of results inspection uncertainty

In this paper, we analyze the influence of the transformation error on inspection reliability. We illustrate that the results uncertainty and the character of erroneous decisions depend on parity additive and multiplicate components. In addition, we offer to normalize the limiting values of a probable error, as well as the limiting value of its components, for the measuring methods used in the inspection process.

The influence of design features on durability of a double-ring dynamically tuned gyroscope

The present study addresses the issue of the strength characteristics of a double-ring dynamically tuned gyroscope (DTG). The experimental results indicate that the design features of an equally rigid resilient suspension set conditions for a significant reduction of its shifting ability. The analytic formulas for the determination of allowable load and the coordinates of weak sections in the resilient elements of the suspension are presented.

The quantitative estimation of the perturbation influence on the fuel burning efficiency

This study considers the problems of the fuel burning efficiency increase in power generating systems and the influence of disturbing factors on fuel-air ratio regulation in the burning process. Emphasized here is the quantitative estimation of an impact of natural gas composition modification and temperature change of air blowing on the fuel combustion efficiency.

The direct channel model of secure transmission of broadband radio access system with differentiated services

This paper introduces the simple analytical model of secure wireless transmission of differentiated services. Drawing on the assumption regarding channel slow fades and employing the Random Early Input/Output Detection (RED) method of sequence control, the formulas for parameters determination, characterizing services submitted to different types of packages, are obtained. This simplified model turns out to be effective for the calculations, and the findings revealed are close to simulation technique data.

The estimation of export potential of power engineering of Ukraine in context of sustainable development

This paper considers the problems of estimation of power engineering export potential. The evaluation indices, coefficients of coverage, implementation and optimality criteria are offered, which give the methodical bases for the analysis and optimization of export potential of power engineering. The systematization of factors and general description of their influence on export potential is carried out.

Radiopulses evolution radiated by hertz’s dipole propagating in vacuum

The paper studies radiopulses evolution radiated by Hertz’s dipole propagating in vacuum. By the example of Gauss’ radiopulse, fields properties and power descriptions are considered in the near, intermediate and distant areas. Moreover, some substantial changes of the fields and power descriptions in the transition from the near area to distant one can be observed.

Management of resource saving transformations on the basis of input-output balance model

This paper considers the preconditions for implementing the resource saving transformations in the economy of Ukraine. Specifically, management principles of macroeconomic resource saving transformations, including interbranch relations are formulated. Using the input-output balance model, the block scheme of the controlling mechanism of the economic system structural shifts to resource saving is developed.