Turуck V.M.

Experimental and Theoretical Analysis of Flow Structure in the Vortex Chamber with End Jet Control

In order to find low-powered control system of working flows in vortex chambers (VC) of energetic and technological equipment the compound structure of shear current in one of the most powerful vortex formation (“central quasi-solid vortex” — CQSV) inside of VC dead-end zone was investigated under condition of closed coaxial end jet control actions. The principle of mutual receptivity of vortex structures on macrolevel was taken as a basis upon study of geometric and operating characteristics of these actions.

Current velocities in the boundary layer over the plate with semi-cylindrical cavity

In this study, we made the hot-wire anemometry measurements of the velocity field over the plate with local cavity in the open-circuit wind tunnel. We investigated the laminar and turbulent flows in the range of Reynolds numbers in regard to the plate length (from its start to the cavity site) 4•104–7•105. On the experimental side, we presented the mean longitudinal velocity profiles along the plate and over the cavity.