Zinchenko V.P.

Creation of Control Base Model in Information Technology of the Complex Technical Object Design

The article reveals the parametric design of the complex technical facility as an aircraft model using the concept of implementing the basic model in the control design process. It increases the efficiency of a geometrical aircraft model at all design stages and allows ensuring the optimal control of main aircraft parameters relying on such modern computer technologies as CAD/CAM/CAE-systems.

Processing and coding of signals and images in the remote network monitoring of objects’ conditions

In this paper, we study the functional characteristics of the signals and images’ operative filtration and compression, optimized on the coding speed and accuracy. Besides the filtration-compression method for monitoring data is based on the alarm approach. Employing this method, we define the most informative readouts on the signals envelope and point out that their amplitude and hour characteristics after compact coding/decoding are likely to be constant.

Synthesis of structure and properties of the finite−element models of the airframe

We consider the theoretical issues of formalizing the design of a complex technical facility. Furthermore, we illustrate that there is always the ultimate decomposition level for the finite−element model, and below this level the decomposition is impossible. It enables devising the automatic synthesis algorithm. Finally, we provide the example of the automatic synthesis algorithm of the finite−element model which dramatically decreases the designing process.