Kravchuk S.O.

Convergence of the Fixed and Mobile Informational-Telecommunicational Platforms and Networks

The purpose of this work is to develop the concept of convergence of fixed and mobile information and communications platforms and networks, which provides users with a single uninterrupted service regardless of location or change of access technology allows total use of resources of mobile and fixed networks. With the implementation of this concept raises a lot competing methods and implementation technologies that need its scientific justification.

The direct channel model of secure transmission of broadband radio access system with differentiated services

This paper introduces the simple analytical model of secure wireless transmission of differentiated services. Drawing on the assumption regarding channel slow fades and employing the Random Early Input/Output Detection (RED) method of sequence control, the formulas for parameters determination, characterizing services submitted to different types of packages, are obtained. This simplified model turns out to be effective for the calculations, and the findings revealed are close to simulation technique data.