Karpets M.V.

Phase Composition, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlCrCoCuFeNiх High-Entropy Alloys System

In this study, the AlCrCoCuFeNiх (where х = 0; 0,5; 1; 2 and 3) high-entropy alloys were prepared by vacuum arc melting and their phase composition, microstructures and mechanical properties were investigated. According to X-Ray analysis data, phase composition of alloys depending on Ni content. It was found that the structure transformed from mixture B2+FCC solid solutions into FCC solid solution with the increase of Ni content. Quantity of BCC phase solid solution is decreased with increasing Ni content, and, respectively, the quantity of FCC phase solid solution increases.

Diffusion coating with titan in aluminum and 12x18h10t nitrated steel

This study reveals the results of comprehensive treatment of 12X18H10T steel. We demonstrate the possibility of combining nitrating steel in the ammonia medium at a temperature 540 °С for 20 hours followed by titanium alumunizing relying on the powder method in containers with the consumable gate under the reduced pressure at a temperature 1050 °С for 0,5–6 hours. In addition, we examine the structure, phase and chemical composition of the obtained coatings. Finally, we describe the influence of nitrating on formation of the surface barrier layer of titanium nitride TiN.