Kosterev M.V.

Using Pair-Wise Comparison Methods for Determining the Priority of Methods for Providing Static Stability of Induction Motors under Conditions of Multicriterion Choice

In this paper, we compare Way, Saaty, Cogger & Yu methods to determine the weight coefficients of optimization criteria importance in the problem of obtaining the optimal sequence of using the main methods of increasing the static stability of induction motors. Finally, our research results show that Saaty method is the optimal method for solving this problem

Fuzzy modeling of a technical condition of high-voltage switches

Based on the theory of fuzzy sets, we elaborate the mathematical model for an integrated estimating of the technical condition as well as for determining the failure probability of various types of highvoltage switches. We also parametrically identify the fuzzy model by utilizing real selections of the technical condition parameters of high-voltage air switches. Finally, we demonstrate that these fuzzy estimation models of switches’ technical condition can be applied in the expert estimating systems of risk decrease of consumer power supply reliability.