Khyzhniak V.G.

Heat-Tolerance of Carbide Coverages Obtained at a Successive Satiation of U8А Steel by Chrome and Titan

In this paper, we study the structure and properties of carbide coverages based on titan and chrome carbides on U8A steel. We discuss possible reactions of the interaction between chrome and titan carbides with oxygen and determine the chemism of coverages oxidization. Finally, we show the advantage of complex two-component coverages as compared to single-component ones

Chimism and thermodynamics of steel saturation by titanium and chrome

This paper studies the basic responses of carbides formation and equilibrium composition of reactionary space at the sequential steel saturation by chrome and titanium, employing the method of the thermodynamic assaying.

Titanium aluminizing of the vk8 nitrated hard alloy in the enclosed space

We investigate the phase and chemical composition, structure, characteristics and operational properties of the VK8 nitrated hard alloy after diffused titanium aluminizing in the mixture of titanium and aluminium powders in the enclosed space. We demonstrate that the strength of films produced and covered with the VK8 nitrated hard alloy increases by several times at 12Х18Н9Т steel cutting as compared to the initial alloy strength.