Kovalenko I.V.

The Physical and chemical properties of composite systems with nonconductive oxide fillers

In this paper, we analyze the body of scientific data on the effect of disperse filling of salt systems by oxide materials. Emphasized here is the nano-sized TiO2 as a disperse filler. The experimental data shows that the 5,9 V electrochemical window of pure and filled ionic liquid PYR14TFSI with the increased (to 30 %) electrical conductivity is stable. Such windows allow PYR14TFSI filled by nano-sized TiO2 to be used with very strong reducing and oxidizing electrode agents, yielding high cell voltage.

The synthesys of nanosized potassium metatantalate in molten nitrate environment

In this paper, we describe the synthesis of nanosize potassium metatantalate, using a method of metallic tantalum powder oxidation in molten potassium nitrate. In addition, we examine the nanopowder, employing the methods of XRD, conductometry, and transparent electronic microscopy. In the course of the experimental study, it turns out that the quantity of potassium hydroxide (KOH/Ta = 1,2) must be used relatively to the stoichiometry of reaction to minimize the admixtures of polytanthalates.