Makarenko О.S.

Phase Composition, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlCrCoCuFeNiх High-Entropy Alloys System

In this study, the AlCrCoCuFeNiх (where х = 0; 0,5; 1; 2 and 3) high-entropy alloys were prepared by vacuum arc melting and their phase composition, microstructures and mechanical properties were investigated. According to X-Ray analysis data, phase composition of alloys depending on Ni content. It was found that the structure transformed from mixture B2+FCC solid solutions into FCC solid solution with the increase of Ni content. Quantity of BCC phase solid solution is decreased with increasing Ni content, and, respectively, the quantity of FCC phase solid solution increases.

An Analysis of the Anticipatory Logistic Equation with the Strong Anticipation

This article investigates the logistic equation with the first order strong anticipation, studies the stability scopes of its fixed points in parameter space and the sufficient condition for existing of the accumulating hyperincursion behaviors. We consider the anticipatory system constructed by the multivalue evolution operator with two selectors. We use the dynamic system iterating tools with the multivalue operators, Lamerey diagrams. On the basis of Lamerey diagrams we describe main types of hyperincursion. We employ basic concepts of the discrete anticipatory system theory of such type.

A model of cellular automaton with anticipation

In this paper, we consider the mechanisms for endowing the cellular automata (CA) models with the anticipation property. On the experimental side, we apply a widely known Conway’s game ‘Life’. The research results show that even within this simple model, the introduction of anticipation has a crucial impact on the behavior of the system, resulting in emergence of multiple co-existing solutions. Furthermore, the inherent behavioral templates of classical ‘Life’ (fixed point, cycle, chaos) are valid for its anticipatory version; however, they develop at a level of configurations’ sets.