Suhenko V.Yu.

Investigation of the Economic Efficiency of Automation Bof Production

The influence of technological and human factors on the cost of steel, the improvement of the process and the organization of production were investigated. Technological factors include the basicity of slag, lining life, rate of oxygen input, changes in nitrogen content in the metal, clean of blowing, conditions of slag formation. Statistical relationship between the lining life and the basicity of slag was obtained.

Controlling the Converter Melting by Energy-Saving Technology

Based on the theoretical justification of carbon oxidization and the analyses of progressing processes of heat generation, we develop the model of temperature condition of the converter frame bath. We analyze the existing methods of controlling the converter process by the energy-saving technology. We also study the influence of the distance lance to the level of quiet metal bath on thermal characteristics. We analyze control methods of the energy-saving technology for the blowing converter by single- and two-circuit lances.

The mode control of converter melting blowing out

The present paper studies the blowing parameters in the process of converter melting blowing out – the intensity of oxygen supply and the distance of water-cooled lance’s tip to the level of bath. Through experiments conducted, we obtain the dependence of the distance change of the watercooled lance’s tip to the level of quiet bath in the course of the converter’s operating period. Moreover, we determine the feedback parameters at intensity control of oxygen supply. Finally, we introduce the results of the obtained dependences in the algorithms of control and converter process control.