Shevchenko O.M.

Energy certification of buildings

The paper considers the European approaches to assessment of the buildings’ energy efficiency. We scrutinize their advantages and disadvantages. Specifically, we investigate the feasibility of one of the approaches by employing the example of NTUU "KPI" educational buildings and define principal obstacles that hinder the utilization and can also lead to misinterpretation of the results obtained. We propose possible ways of specification of existing methods and attempt to adapt them to the Ukrainian context.

Structural Analysis of Energy Consumption and Energy Efficiency in Education

The paper studies the structural analysis of the energy consumption facilities in the area of education. The following areas are included: analysis of energy use, specific consumption of energy facilities, as well as identifying factors that influence the energy consumption of higher education institutions. We determine the specific energy consumption using the data on energy consumption, total areas of buildings and the difference between weather conditions of actual and reference years.