Alekseev O.F.

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanodispersed Powders of Tin Oxide (IV) from Tin Oxalate (II)

We synthesize powders of tin oxide (IV) from tin (II) oxalate by thermal method with and without chemical pretreatment. The microstructures of samples are investigated by XR-diffraction and microscopic methods of analysis. We establish that the powders obtained by both methods have a tetragonal structure of rutile. It was determined that the sample obtained by chemical method followed by heat treatment, has a more porous structure than the sample obtained by thermal method. The lattice parameters and size of crystallite of the samples are calculated.

Selective leaching of carbonates from ukrainian phosphorites by lactic acid

We select the organic acid for pre-decarbonization of the Ukrainian low-grade phosphate raw material. Through experiments conducted, we determine that lactic acid is the most effective in this process. Wealso demonstrate the infrared spectra of the original phosphate (Ratnovskiy field), as well as of the They indicate that the intensity of stretch vibration, belonging to the carbonate ion of calcite, decreases after treatment with lactic acid phosphate