Hignyak O.V.

Corrosion of Steel Gas Chromoaluminized 12Х18Н10T

This paper presents the research results of chrome-calorizing of the steel 12X18Н10T. We show how to obtain chromo-calorizing coatings on the surface of the steel 12X18H10T with titanium nitride. We coat the surface by combining two processes: physical 12X18H10T vapor deposition of titanium nitride and diffusion chromo-calorizing conducted by powder in containers with fusible closure under reduced pressure at a temperature of 1050 °C for 3 hours. We determine the phase and chemical composition, thickness and microhardness of coatings before and after the heat resistance test.

Abrasive wear resistance of composite diffusive coverages obtained by of the titan, vanadium, crome and aluminium on У8А steel

This paper presents the research results of the influence of diffusive metal coating by titan, vanadium, and chrome on the phase composition, structure and abrasive wear resistance of У8А steel. Using fixed and loose boron carbide abrasive, we establish the abrasive wear resistance. Crucially, we determine that diffusive carbide coverages, nitrides of transition metals, intermetallic compounds increase the abrasive wear resistance of У8А Steel by 2,1–4,3 times.