Chaplinskiy R.Yu.

Effect of thin Film Dielectric Barrier Parameters on the Ozonizer Characteristics

The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of properties of thin films and glass dielectric barriers (thickness from 8 um to 1 mm) on the ozonizer characteristics and choose the best. This paper presents experimental results on the effect of parameters of dielectric barriers made from polymeric materials (Lavsan, Teflon), quarts glass as well as SiO2 thin films, deposited by the reactive electron-beam vaporization on the ozonizers characteristics. Experimental results show that the dielectric barrier breakdown voltage decreases with roughness of electrode surface under dielectric.

Plasma reactors for ozone generation on corona discharge with secondary electron emitters

We study various constructions of electrode systems of plasma-chemical reactors on the nonstreamer corona discharge with secondary electron emitters. We also aim at determining the efficiency of ozone generation. Finally, we establish the empirical dependence of С initial ozone concentration, I current of multicorona discharge and Q oxygen stream for reactors with needle electrodes.