Gryshchuk A.M.

Model of Plane Distribution of Heat Sources for Multi-Channel Matrix Oxygen Sensors

Transcutaneous polarography is one of the most objective noninvasive assessment of the capillary blood flow and microcirculation by controlling the oxygen partial pressure in the subcutaneous tissue. The outcome of research is influenced by such common factors as the oxygen content in the ambient air, the adequacy of the central hemodynamics of the patient, the presence of violations of the transport function of the blood, the pathology of the pulmonary system and local factors (disturbance of the local microcirculation, tissue edema, marked capillary spasm, etc.).

The active thermal stabilization process in the system of combined resistancemagnetic first order phase transition

This paper analyzes the process of active thermal stabilization in a longitudinal magnetic field. Specifically, we calculate a part of ferromagnetic phase and temperature of the system (opening, ferromagnetic and paramagnetic layers). We demonstrate that the device’s chart enables efficient thermoregulation implementation. Furthermore, we obtain an inequality which determines the system performance, whose range is wide enough to ensure the mode of active thermal stabilization and not to cause fundamental difficulties.