Kapustyan O.A.

On the Approximate Solution of One Infinite-Dimensional Problem of Optimal Stabilization with Nonautonomous Perturbations in the Coefficients

This paper considers the optimal stabilization problem for solutions of parabolic inclusion in which nonautonomous perturbations act on the differential operator coefficients and multivalue interaction function. Such objects naturally occur in applied problems where medium characteristics change over time, and the interaction functions are discontinuous on a phase variable. Under general conditions on nonautonomous coefficients the solvability of the initial problem was proved.

Approximate Regulator for Evolutionary Inclusions subdifferential type

The article considers the problem of optimal stabilization for an evolution inclusion of subdifferential type with non-Lipschitz multi-valued interaction function of where – small parameter.

The approximate synthesis in the optimal control problem for the nonlinear wave equation

The study explores the optimal control problem with a semi-definite quality criterion for the wave equation disturbed by weak nonlinearity. Based on the exact formula for a corresponding linear-quadratic problem, we construct and prove approximate feedback control that provides close to optimal behavior for a controlled system.