Maslyanko P.P.

Component Model of the Automated Testing System with the Open form of the Test Task Presentation

In this paper we present state of the art for the automated testing systems that use an open form for the test task presentation. We have developed a numerical criterion for the comparison of the existing automated testing systems with the open form of the test task presentation. In the paper we also present a strategy for improving the efficiency of the automated testing systems with the open form of the test task presentation.

Enterprise business engineering

Business engineering is a vital part of the constant existence and development of the modern social and economic enterprises. Business engineering allows achieving financial, economic and social strategic enterprise goals by means of enterprise business modeling. It is possible to create a sole system for the business engineering application in practice by using the systems engineering concepts and methods as the absolute for the business engineering, enterprise and business modeling.

The research of means and development of component model of informationcommunication system of data analysis

We conduct the research of the existing methods and means of data processing and analysis. Specifically, we endeavour to formalize data processing and analysis. Through experiments performed, we develop the component model of informationcommunication system of data processing and analysis on the basis of the object-oriented approach.

Construction of the Metamodel Activity Based on A.N. Leontiev’s Activity Theory

In this paper, we utilize A.N. Leontiev’s activity theory to design the activity metamodel of extended human and organization systems. This metamodel demonstrates the place of policy, strategy and tactics in the activity and enables to represent subject-related aspects in this process. In addition, it can be used to get structural and dynamic representation of organization system and human activities, as well as applied in the design of information-communication systems.

The system design of informatization processes

The study under consideration develops an idea of applying system analysis and theory to define the system criteria for portioning informatization projects, based not only on the functional parameters, but also on the common system parameters. The approach presented in the paper dramatically improves an iterative process of informatization organization systems.

Methods research and development of the integrated tools for access to information resources of information communication system

This study considers the comparative analysis results of the existing portal design technologies and introduces an advanced corporate portal design technology. Provided are the recommendations on the system analysis application and a component process of the corporate portal development.

The system engineering of organizational system informatization projects

In this paper, we highlight that the system engineering of organizational system informatization projects includes all stages of informative-communicative systems lifecycle. We consider the iterative-incremental development process, which complies with international standards and provides the abstraction of a set of entities necessary and sufficient for implementation of Org.S informatization projects, development of Org.S business model and informativecommunicative system to achieve the goal of Org.S informatization project.

On creating a strategic planning component of financial investment control system

In this paper, we introduce a new component of strategic planning to enhance the financial investment control system in the stock market. We also study the functional possibilities of the strategic planning component based on the database of the first Ukrainian stock exchange. In fact, we outline the features of the Ukrainian stock exchange as compared to New-York stock exchange and give some recommendations on suitability of statistical models of the Ukrainian stock exchange characteristics.

Components processes of the system design of information-communication systems

The purpose of this study is to propose the components process of informatization projects design from the perspective of the applied systems analysis and the key principles of the information-communication systems design. The study reveals that this approach has the advantages of iterative and waterfall processes and dramatically expands the opportunities of the average and large informationcommunication systems design.

Tools research and development of the technology for informative resources production

The article describes the component approach to production of the informative resources for informativecommunicative system. Definitions, classification and main characteristics of the informative resources are presented, and their main types are described. Furthermore, the problems of resources interoperability are studied. The approach to informative resources production, based on the component approach, is suggested. The results of technology application for creation of the informative resources for the State tax administration of Ukraine are studied.