Dvoynenko O.K.

The Effect of Magnetostatic Fields of Ferromagnetic Substrate on the Nickel Dendrites Electrodeposition

The paper studies the effect of magnetic state of ferromagnetic substrate on the surface morphology of nickel electrodeposit obtained by the method of electrolysis. After conducting the statistical analysis, we can assume that the residual magnetization of substrate-wire significantly influences dimensioning characteristics of the formed dendrite structures at the absence of an external magnetic field at the Ni electrodeposition. The studied magnetic properties of substrate-wire are confirmed by Bitter powder figures.

Wastewater purification from cuprum (ІІ) ions by magnetically operated biosorbent using high-gradient ferromagnetic fields

This paper highlights the method of purification from cuprum ions by using high-gradient magnetic fields. We devise the production method of highgradient ferromagnetic matrices with dendrite structure and study its efficiency. We also show the difference between the efficiency of solutions purification by utilizing dendrite and dendriteless matrices. Crucially, we prove the higher efficiency of the dendrite matrix performance as compared to the dendriteless one.